About Our Nursery Center

Fred Moore Day Nursery School was opened in 1955, after three young children burned to death in Denton, while their parents were at work.  Because of this tragedy, the Soroptimist Club and the Business and Professional Women’s Club (“BPW”) took action to provide quality child care for the working parents in the southeast Denton community.  The center would be located in the Fred Moore Community Center in Fred Moore Park.  It originally began as a Memorial to the Black Americans from Denton who fought in World War II.  The BPW gave $1,000 to the center to equip the building as a child care facility.  The Soroptomists paid $1,000 for the first year and $500 the second year.  The child care center became popular and successful.  The center began with one volunteer, Hazel Moore Young, who cared for ten children the first year.

By 1963, the average daily attendance was seventy-two children with a staff of four teachers.  Later, in 1983, the Center had forty-five children, six teachers, aides, and a cook.  Today, the child care facility is funded by the United Way, the City of Denton, church funds, parent fees, civic clubs, and other donations.  Now the two centers there are very much on its feet with 175 children, an Executive Director, an Assistant Director, 50 teachers, and a cook.

About Our Gonzalez Center

The Denton school district and Fred Moore Day Nursery School have partnered for what some parents and school administrators are saying is the best of two worlds — half-day prekindergarten and full-day childcare. Fred Moore at Gonzalez is a satellite location of Fred Moore Day Nursery School. This satellite location is housed at Denton ISD’s Gonzalez School for Young Children. Known as Fred Moore at Gonzalez, 3-, 4- and 5-year-old children receive half-day prekindergarten programming from Denton ISD and full-day child care from Fred Moore Day Nursery School.  Program hours are 6:30 A.M. to 6 P.M. Mon- Fri.

Our Goals

The following goals have been established for our organization since the inception of FMDNS in 1954: 

1. To Provide quality care for low income families at a reduced rate using a sliding scale.
2. To provide a warm and nurturing environment that encourages the development of the whole child (social-emotional, fine and gross motor, physical, language and cognitive development).
3. To provide an environment that encourages parents and teachers to work together as partners.
4. To encourage independence through decision making and understanding.
5. To teach self respect, as well as, respect for others.
6. To teach children to solve conflicts by using their words and not their hands.