Enrollment Requirements


At least 6 weeks of age - up to 5* years of age

* Up To 8 years of age for our Summer Program


Current Immunization Records & Child is Up to Date

CLICK HERE       To view the current requirements & to learn more about immunization requirements for                                Texas child care centers.

CLICK HERE       To download a  vaccination record form that may be completed by your child's physician


Physician's Health Statement.

In order for your child to be enrolled at FMDNS, your child must be certified by a doctor that he or she is healthy enough to attend a child care operation. Most physicians have a standard form they will complete after an examination by your child's doctor. If your child's doctor does not have a form, one can be provided to them and is available for download below.

CLICK HERE      To download a Physician's Health Statement that may be completed by your child's doctor.


2 Months of Income Verification Documents. 

FMDNS is a non-profit childcare center that is able to provide discounted tuition rates based on household size and income, and is supported by Federal, State and Local organizations. Our federal food program requires that we verify income information for each individual earning an income that supports the household and the student. 

Examples of income verification documents accepted:

Payroll or paycheck stubs, tax returns, bank deposits, bank statements, legal forms or court orders, etc.


Registration Fee paid in full

FMDNS requires a registration fee for each student enrolling in our program in order to secure your child's space in our classroom. This fee may be paid in person at your child's campus, or online through our portal.


Registration fees are $35/child or $50/family of 2 or more children.

CLICK HERE        To submit your registration fee online.


Supply Fee paid in full

FMDNS requires a yearly supply fee for each student enrolling in our program. This fee may be paid in person at your child's campus, or online through our portal.


Supply fees are $25/child per school year.

CLICK HERE        To submit your supply fee online.


Photo identification of all pick up persons prior to child pick up

Your photo identification must be on file at your child's school. Photo ID's may be submitted through our online application portal, or in person at your student's campus prior to pick up.


Orientation completed with a staff member

Licensing and Texas Rising Star require FMDNS to complete an Orientation with parents prior to enrolling all new students. Normally, FMDNS completes Orientation in person at your students campus. Due to extenuating circumstances, Orientation will currently be completed with a staff member online, or over the phone prior to your student's enrollment with our center.

CLICK HERE          To schedule your online orientation with a staff member


Attachments Completed- ONLINE ENROLLMENT ONLY

Before beginning the online enrollment process, it is recommended that you download and complete the required attachments. These documents must be submitted before your child may be admitted.

You may submit these attachments in the online portal, bring them in person to your child's campus or send them in email to our Receptionist.

Download the required attachments: 

CLICK HERE                               City of Denton- SCI 

CLICK HERE                               Federal Food Program- MBIE Form 

CLICK HERE                               CACFP Infant Feeding Preferences 

                                                      (For all children 12 mos & younger)

CLICK HERE                                Financial Agreement                                          

*You may choose to wait to complete & sign the FA until an employee is able to discuss the items with you. 


Enrollment Application Completed

Our enrollment application may be completed online or by downloading the required application packet and submitting it in person to your child's campus, or by email to our receptionist.

If you have all your required documentation gathered & attachments ready to be uploaded, or plan to submit the required attachments & documentation in person, you may 


CLICK HERE                               To complete our enrollment application online.

CLICK HERE                               To download a PDF version of our entire enrollment packet

                                                       & all required attachments


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