Financial Policy & Agreement

I, _______________________________________________,am the party responsible for paying tuition



for ____________________________________________________________________(Student’s name).  

Families will receive a 5% discount for any payment of 4 or more weeks. Families will receive a $5.00 discount for each additional child enrolled after the initial child. Guardians must initial each statement below (if no amount, write n/a).

Guardian Initials______ I understand that weekly payments are due no later than Tuesday by 6 p.m. and that a late fee of $15 will be added if tuition payment has not been made by that time. I agree to pay FMDNS the weekly fee of $_______________

Guardian Initials______ I understand that CCS payments are due by the 5th day of the month by 6 p.m. and that a late fee of $15 will be added if payment has not been made by that time. I agree to pay FMDNS the CCS monthly fee of $____________

Guardian Initials______ If tuition is not paid Wednesday before drop off, the child may not be admitted to FMDNS until the child’s account balance with FMDS is paid in full, including any and all additional fees.

Guardian Initials______ Due to our program and licensing requirements to meet the staff-to child ratio based on the number of children enrolled, fees are due regardless of absence, holidays, scheduled school closings, weather related closings or vacations taken by the guardians.


Guardian Initials______ 50% tuition will be charged and due for the week of spring break and the week of Christmas.


Guardian Initials______ Families are eligible for tuition charged at 50% regular rate for any one week of tuition to be used at the family’s discretion, provided family gives notice to FMDNS by Friday at 6 pm prior to the week in which the family requests the 50% discount be applied. Attendance, or lack thereof, is not a determinate in the use of one 50% tuition week. Families are eligible to apply discount to any one week per calendar year provided proper notice is given, however 50% tuition may not be used in combination with the already provided discounts rates for the week of Christmas or the week of spring break.


Guardian Initials______ Guardians are to notify FMDNS if the child is going to be absent. If the child is absent for 3 days and the Director has not been notified by the guardians and payment for current week has not been made, the child may be unenrolled, and the guardians will be financially responsible for payment for those 3 days.


Guardian Initials______ The guardian must pay a late pick-up fee of $1.00 for every minute past 6:00 p.m. for each child that is still in care. All late fees must be paid at the time of pick up, the child may not be eligible to return to care until the late pick up fee is paid in full. If child is not picked up within 30 minutes of closing or no communication has been made from guardian or other eligible adult, FMDNS may contact the proper authorities.


Guardian Initials______ The guardian is responsible for paying a $25 Supply fee per family each school year. Supply fee is due within 1 week of fall semester beginning date, or within 1 Month of enrollment if child begins after fall semester start date.


Guardian Initials______ A non-refundable Enrollment fee of $30 per child ($50 for 2 or more children) will be charged at the time of enrollment or re-enrollment and must be paid before the student may attend care.


Guardian Initials______ In order to withdraw your student, FMDNS requests a two-week notice. Notices are given by completing the appropriate withdrawal form; guardian must bring current remaining balance owed. Accounts left with an outstanding balance are subject to small claims court. Re-enrollment will not occur without any outstanding balance paid in full shall the parent or guardian wish to do so.

It is the responsibility of each guardian to pay their child’s tuition. If a guardian has a foreseen situation which will prevent the guardian from being able to pay tuition, the guardian must make payment arrangements with the, Executive Director ( prior to missing a payment in order to reduce the likelihood of your child being un-enrolled.


__________________________________          _________________________________________________

Parent/ Guardian Name                                   Parent/Guardian Signature                                       Date       


__________________________________          _________________________________________________

Parent/ Guardian Name                                    Parent/Guardian Signature                                      Date

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