What We Do


Fred Moore Day Nursery School utilizes Creative Curriculum to deliver quality lesson plans to students beginning at 6 weeks of age. Our assessments are evaluated across 3 unique standards to ensure a developmentally appropriate implementation.



Denton ISD, provides meals for programs. The Federal Child Care Food Program provides funds that support our organization's ability to ensure all children enrolled in our program receive 3, well-balanced, nutritious meals each day at no additional cost to the family.

Click here to learn more about the Denton ISD Child Nutrition Program.


Fred Moore Day Nursery School knows how important the decision is when choosing a center. We believe open and ubundant communication helps build a foundation of trust when it comes to caring for the most precious person in your world. Our program offers real-time updates regarding the care and status of your children while in our care, as well as regular emails, newsletters and updates.


Here at FMDNS we are more than just your experts in childcare. Our mission to ensure all children have access to quality education services goes beyond the scope of the classroom. In order for your children to reach their full potential, we believe you must care for the whole child, and the whole family. We want to assist you in utilizing all of the services that may be available to you.